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About Sterling by Music Man

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Yes. Your instrument purchase is covered by a Limited One-Year Warranty. For full terms and conditions, please visit our Warranty page.

Our instruments are designed by Ernie Ball Music Man’s world class team of engineers. The instruments are built in Indonesia with the highest quality standards in place, and then they ship to our Los Angeles office for inspection.

We currently only ship in the United States. If you live outside the country, visit our International Dealers page to find an authorized dealer near you


We offer the Ray4 and Ray5 as left-handed models.

All of our battery-equipped instruments feature active electronics.

For our battery-equipped guitars, the battery compartment is used for a 12dB push-push active volume pot. The following guitars have a battery: Majesty models, JP150, JP157, Luke, and Valentine models.

For our battery-equipped bases, the battery compartment is used for an active EQ (Preamp / On board electronics). All basses have a battery except for our StingRay Short Scale.

To determine whether a bag is included with a particular model, please refer to the specifications listed on the product page.


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